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Residence Interiors At Lodha, Hyderabad

This is a 1250 sft. Apartment at lodha, hyderabad. the simplicity in the design and style reflects the clients personality here. So we designed this residence keeping in mind the young and open minded perspective of our client. Keeping the colour palette in white, with tints of grey, wood,and teal green shade give the perfect balance and uniqueness of individuality to the space. The design gives the feeling of outdoor and indoor, together in a combination.

The highlighted mirror accent wall at the entrance give an openness to the small apartment look. Also, the foyer wall which is highlighted in teal green texture paint with a unique console unit is the main focus grabbed when one enters the house. Also, the exposed beick wall pattern on tv unit wall is the perfect design must for a young energetic souls. The master bedroom has been designed with a grey concrete texture wall which extends to the ceiling is a very unique way to higlight a bedroom in minimalistic look. Also, the very different element in the house is a chic venetian blinds used throught the house, the design selected is epic. The living room sofa wall has been extended through wooden rafters to conceal the common washroom entry through that space. The study room is very thoroughly designed with a study tledge and a drawer extending, with overhead bookshelf in u-shape, which also acts like a home office.

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