Duplex Residence No.1 At Gachibowli

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Duplex Residence No.1 At Gachibowli

The client wanted the house which can express his own personality, very elegant,miinimal,but at the same time giving the wow factor in every space designed. So, we have used a very minimal palette of colours using the white and brown majorly, with a rustic tint of concrete finish. Also, by adding in the mirrors, the spaces double up eventually creating an illusion of large space. The moment one enters the house, a feature wall design enhances and lifts up the mood of the space. Also, the featured display marble wall is the centre-piece of the space contrasting the materials used.  

The family lounge as well is another highlighting module in the space to convey a sense of richness through a very limited palette of colours using white,mirror,and black to create a visual illusion throught. Also, the bedrooms are designed in a similar palette using the least to look the best.

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