Duplex Residence No.1n At Gachibowli

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Duplex Residence No.1n At Gachibowli

The design of this apartment was to create spaces with privacy, and at the same time keeping the family intact. The entrance has a central partition in wood and mirror continued to the ceiling, which acts as a space divider between the entrance and the pooja without compromising in the desin, follows the drawing room with a feature wall highlighted with a colourful mural wallart as one enters the house. This feature wall is also designed as a tv unit hanging from the ceiling which can be used from the living area, acting as a see through partiton.

The dining and crockery wall has beed designed with a very rich looking style and mirror panel to expand the look of the space. Also, kitchen is kept a plain black and white look giving a very unique and smart finish materials. following the bedrooms are designed to suit the individuals need,likes and requirements. The furniture is kept to bare minimum to declutter the space everywhere and give a freeflow of space.

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