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Urbain Dezin Studio is committed to creating inspired and innovative residential architecture design solutions that meet client specified wants and needs. Residential Architecture is exciting to the Urbain Dezin Studio team. There is no design challenge we will not grip; rather, we see those design challenges as opportunities for innovation and creativity.

The joyfulness of residential design stems from the personal relationships that form between the architect and the client. This unique relationship allows the design team to meet client specific requirements. Urbain Dezin Studio Architects has an extensive and varied residential portfolio, from rustic western architecture to mountain modern designs; we see this variety as a way to explore different avenues of custom home design.

We begin the design process by understanding the client’s goals, listening to design expectations as well as budgetary and scheduling needs. We are open to creative ideas, and work to translate those ideas into the reality of a successful building. We strive to design buildings that fit into the neighborhood as well as meet our client’s unique design aesthetic. Well-designed buildings are not just beautiful, but also functional, and it is important to us that the space enclosed within the building is used effectively. To that end, we work with our client to develop a program and fine-tune their spatial needs to create spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Our comprehensive architecture design services begin with with growth planning. Once the initial phase is complete, CORE Design Group into the building development process, starting with the conceptual design phase and design development services to create the most comprehensive strategic plan for your project.

We follow this with construction documentation. We work with your team to make sure everyone knows exactly where you are in the documentation process that includes project specs, engineering coordination, illustrations, cost estimates, procurement services and review.

We can provide 3D renderings to give you a precise idea of how your construction is going to look. We can use our network of building contractors and administrators to help you with bid negotiation and permit acquisition.

You’ll be in good hands from beginning to end with design services from an architectural firm extraordinaire CORE Design Group. We make every project a top priority and put highly skilled architectural design experts with state-of-the-art tools on every design task.

  • Programming / Conceptual Design Phase
  • Design Development Phase
  • Construction Documents
  • Permit Documents
  • Bidding Documents
  • Contract Documents
  • Construction Phase Services
  • 3D Renderings

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