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The most important aspect of commercial design is to listen to our client's business needs and individual preferences. We do not consider furnishing a project design solution that meets our client's requirements as our only goal.

Our project solution is complete only after we have fully educated our clients on our architectural and interior design, ensuring their full participation in the project. The project then becomes a partnership between the client and us. Such a partnership, with close interaction, becomes a vehicle through which we gain a renewed understanding of our client and ourselves.

By taking the time to fully understand your requirements, we develop an efficient design process with a tailor made solution. Our specialist commercial architect’s team are able to demonstrate how to maximise the budget in order to provide a scheme which is commercially viable.

We believe we can create innovative solutions for any commercial architecture scenario. We are one of a few consultancies that offer integrated design and technical skills, which is why we believe our comprehensive service is more responsive and better suited to your needs. Our team is integrated with different skills, meaning that we can cover more sectors with our expertise. We offer the best solutions in our designs and work as quickly as possible to attain the client’s vision with affordability.

With our commercial architecture services, we offer solutions in the office, retail, mixed use developments, hospitality and leisure sectors. We work closely with developers, estate agents and land owners to evaluate the potential of any project. Our commercial services range from concept to completion and with our design team we can produce exceptional commercial buildings which are on budget and provide the clients desired outcome.

  • Corporate Office Designs
  • Office Building Renovations and Additions
  • LEED-CI Certified projects with environmentally-friendly design elements
  • Retail Store Buildings and Pharmacies
  • Bank Branches and Offices
  • Funeral Homes
  • Showrooms and Sales Offices
  • Strip Malls, Retail Centers, and Shopping Outlets
We provide a range of services for commercial, corporate, and retail architecture projects. We have helped many companies in and around Reading PA with their space planning, office layout and interior design. Through our design projects, we have assisted with office efficiency, corporate imaging and branding and master planning. If you\'re searching for a commercial architect, let us help.

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